History of the North Ogden Business Alliance


History of the NOBA

The North Ogden Business Alliance was founded in March of 2006 by a group of businesses that saw the need for a truly local association, similar to the Chamber of Commerce, but specifically tasked with addressing the needs of our North Ogden Community.  The Board Members are

  • Shawn Maynard- Co-Owner of the Historic North Ogden Cannery Center and Bullfrog Spa. (President)
  • Jenice Jones Owner of Jones Shirts and Signs in the Kings Plaza
  • Karla Chugg- long time resident of North Ogden and representative of Home Town Values Magazine
  • Tinamarie Fowler – Broker for ITEX- a business to business barter organization
  • Kristen Taylor & Lorna Souther- Keep it Simple Social & Page One Video Marketing
  • Sharlene Maynard-Owner of the Cannery Center Furniture & Gift Boutique

The Alliance meetings are held in the upstairs conference room of the North Ogden Cannery building.  Board Members Meet every other week, with meetings for all members at the beginning of each quarter.

In the beginning, the Alliances main focus was to compile a complete list of business and have quarterly meetings.   These meetings offered opportunities for local businesses to meet and discuss shared interests… creating the organizational hierarchy and the Alliance charter.

In March of 2009 the Alliance committed to have frequent meetings of the board members and work proactively to address issues that had been raised by the group at large.   The group introduced the Spend It In North Ogden initiative… this programs main goal is to encourage our neighbors to shop local… the program includes this website, signs at businesses, a presence at Cherry Days and in the parade.  In Conjunction with the city we have successfully installed banners along the business corridor and publish a recurring message in the city newsletter.

Also starting in March of 2009 the Alliance endeavored to work with the city to revisit existing ordinances that were less than business friendly.  After meeting with the Planning Commission and the City Planner it was decided that it would be appropriate to review many of the ordinances that governed the way that businesses were able to market their wares.  Eventually in April of 2010 the City Council invited the business community to make a presentation to a joint session of the City Council and Planning Commission.   Historically individual  businesses would have been silent on the issue. “No single business was willing to stand and address these ordinances, because it would shine a spotlight on their business and could lead to a realization that their business was in violation of one of these ordinances.”  This meeting presented an opportunity for the Alliance to use its new found recognition to initiate a real change towards making North Ogden City “business friendly”.  The Business Alliance elected several representatives to present a power point presentation.  This presentation represented a lot of hard work by the Alliance and clearly illustrated that the current ordinances were different than most of us imagined… as an example: the current ordinance prohibited the display of product outside the building…”a practice that we had all assumed was acceptable”.  The meeting filled the Council chambers to standing room only and showed that the Alliance had achieved the level of support required to effect real change.  The message was clear that the business community was working hard to create a successful, thriving business district.  The City Council and Planning Commission voted unanimously to create a Business Development Committee (now known as the Economic Development Comittee).

In June of 2010 the Economic Development Committee started the process of reviewing and submitting to the council revised ordinances that allowed for an attractive community while still encouraging a thriving business district.

  • July 2010 the City Council  passed a revised mission statement for business ordinances
  • August 2010 the City Council adopted a new ordinance allowing for display of products outside
  • October 2010 the City Council adopted a new ordinance allowing for sandwich board display signs
  • Currently in process of review, Size of signs, window signage, entertainment zone and signs on vehicles.

Throughout most of 2010 the city struggled with a study that implied that many retail businesses were using police service at a rate disproportionate to its citizens.  The study recommended that the business license for most businesses stay near the current level…however for about 40 businesses the study recommended that their fee be increased by many times… as an example: a convenience store could have been raised from $100 to $5,758… and a grocery store could have been increased to $8,948.  The Alliance worked with the city to put the study into perspective.  The study had not factored in the benefit to the city that a thriving business district provides in sales tax revenues and property tax contributions.  After months of work with the city the Council passed in November of 2010 a new fee structure, with moderate increases in fees… the grocery store fee went from $400 to $1,050.  Along with the passing of this new fee structure the city adopted a proposal submitted by Councilman Taylor that committed to invest an amount equal to 20% of the fees collected in the cities economic development.  With these funds the city will invest in programs that tell the world that North Ogden is open for business, inviting new business to open in North Ogden  and encourage the community to shopping local.

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