Membership Benefits


Membership annual dues $100

You’re interests will be represented in the business community and with the city.

Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of  January, April, June & October in the conference room of the North Ogden Cannery Center- while no meetings are mandatory- we request that you attend one per quarter. (if you choose not to attend meetings- you are welcome to forward any issues you’d like to see addressed via email to

Monthly email updates will be sent out to all members- outlining current projects & our work with the City & the Business Development Committee.

Coupons: email your coupon to   and we will post it on the website and get it posted on the cities website. submit coupon in jpg format 6″x6″  it will show on the website in approx 2″x2″ but will open bigger

Your business picture and name will be included in the sideshow on the front page of the spend it website. (just email us your picture!)

Your coupon will be included on our coupon page & will include a link to your website: submit your coupon 6″x6″  it will show on the website as approx 4″x4″  and will link to your site or open as a larger image.

Spend it newsletter:  periodically the NOBA will email a newsletter to all those that have subscribed via our website (both to businesses- and consumers) your coupon will be included in that email.

The opportunity to participate in NVBA generated, cross promotional opportunities.  IE: pizza box coupons.

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