Spend It Campaign


Spend It In North Ogden is the  “shop local campaign”  initiated by the  North View Business Alliance to promote the shop Local message.  This project is the number one goal of the NVBA and continues to be our highest priority.  Projects underway include:

  • Spend It banners in storefronts.
    • This Project started June of ’09 with active members posting the banners in their storefronts… Jones Shirts and Signs in the Kings Plaza is producing the banners for their cost reducing the price of each banner to only a couple of dollars each.  If you haven’t got your banner yet please call Jenice  at 801-737-5196
    • The next project with the storefront banners is to work to get them installed in vacant storefronts.
  • Pole Banners.
    • after much back and forth with we believe we have come to an arrangement where a banner the attached banner is sponsored by individual businesses… This is a great program for everyone… the city gets banners that help decorate our streets, promote the sense of community and the shop local message and the cost is carried by individual businesses that sponsor the banners, just as one would “adopt a highway”.   The business gets to contribute to the community in trade for a small bit of advertising and the community is better for it…
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