North Ogden Business Community Survey

Earlier this year North Ogden established an Economic Development Committee to examine the City’s business climate and to make recommendations on how to improve.  This committee has made a number of important recommendations to the Planning Commission and to the City Council regarding signs, business advertising, outdoor displays, etc.  Some of these recommendations have already been approved by the City Council and positive changes are being made to North Ogden’s business climate.

Additionally, the Committee is currently working on writing a comprehensive Economic Development Plan for North Ogden.  The purpose of this plan is to outline the strategies and goals that will be used to guide the city in its efforts to develop a strong and healthy business climate and to guide economic development in the city.  The plan will be drafted by a Writing Subcommittee of the Economic Development Committee and will then be reviewed by the entire Committee.  Once approved, the plan will go to the City Council for further review and modifications as designated by the City Council.

We hope that this plan will be an invaluable guide to a strong relationship between North Ogden City and our business community.  As such we are very interested in gathering input from members of the business community as part of writing this plan.  We already have several representatives from the Business Community who sit on the Economic Development Committee and who have provided very valuable suggestions and input for the plan.  However, we would like to also reach out to other members of the business community to gather additional information.

Enclosed is a survey about the proposed Economic Development Plan.  It includes a few general business climate questions about North Ogden and questions that will ask for your input on the various objectives in the proposed Economic Development Plan.  Your ideas and suggestions are very important.  Please take a few moments to answer the survey with as much detail as possible.  I will be sending this survey via email to NVBA members and to North Ogden businesses for which we have an email on file.  Please type your answers directly into the document below and send your reply to as an email attachment.  Your answers will be a different color in order to set them apart from the survey itself (using the track changes function).  Or, if you prefer, you are welcome to print off the survey and fill out by hand and return to the City Offices.  Due date for returning surveys is December 14th.  Please put the name of your business in your email or written on your survey if replying by hand.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email (listed below).

Brent Taylor

North Ogden City Council/Economic Development Plan Subcommittee

(801) 735-3793 (Cell)

Overall Business Climate Questions

1.       Overall, how do you rate the business climate in North Ogden on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 = poor; 10 = excellent): _____________


2.       On a scale of 1-10 how much do you feel that North Ogden City values your business? (1 = does not value me; 10 = values me a lot): ___________________


3.       What are your thoughts on business regulation in North Ogden?  Do you feel that North Ogden has too few regulations, too many regulations, or just the right amount?  ___________________

4.       What are some positive aspects about operating a business in North Ogden?

5.       What are some negative aspects about operating a business in North Ogden?

6.       If you also operate a business in another city, how would you compare North Ogden against the other city in terms of overall business climate and business friendliness?

7.       As a business owner or operator have you ever had a negative experience with an employee of North Ogden or with the City?  Please elaborate.

Economic Development Plan Questions

Our subcommittee has brainstormed a number of potential goals and objectives that may be incorporated into the proposed Economic Development Plan.  Please take a moment to review these goals and write suggestions, ideas, and feedback.  We are very interested in what you have to say.  The following goals and objectives are simply ideas at this point.  We will not begin writing the plan until we have received responses from the business community to this survey as well as responses from our residents on a similar survey.  The list below is what we have developed as a starting point for discussion and we want feedback from you on what you like from this list and what you would like to see added.

Below we lay out a series of suggested overall objectives as well as sub-goals to achieve the objective.  Please provide any comments after each objective and sub-goals are listed.

Objective # 1:  Promote North Ogden Businesses

Goal: Strengthen North Ogden’s economy by promoting a “Shop Local” message

Goal: Foster a business climate that encourages small, local businesses in addition to regional or nationwide chains.

Goal: Increase the use of local businesses to fill city purchasing contracts.

Your Feedback on this objective and sub-goals:

Objective #2  Develop a City Image

Goal: Create an image for North Ogden that highlights the city’s strengths and quality of life and showcases opportunities for commercial and residential development in the City.

Your Feedback on this objective and sub-goals:

Objective #3 Attract New Development

Goal: Leverage the city’s brand to attract positive commercial and residential development through marketing efforts designed to highlight North Ogden

Goal: Conduct regular commercial and residential development open-houses & outreach events to proactively attract new development that will strengthen North Ogden’s economy

Your Feedback on this objective and sub-goals:

4.  Cultivate Existing Businesses and Maintain a Healthy Business Environment

Goal: Develop a strong Business Alliance as a city-business partnership that serves as a vehicle for positive city-business interaction and that serves as a communications bridge between businesses and the city.

Goal: Conduct regular reviews of the business climate in North Ogden including business regulation ordinances, and make changes to modify and improve as needed.

Goal: Attempt to make every interaction between businesses and the city positive.  Stress customer service in staff interactions with businesses.

Goal: Treat the business community as a partner and regularly highlight the incredible benefits that our businesses bring to the city.

Your Feedback on this objective and sub-goals:

5.  Focus on Quality of Life as the City Promotes Economic Development

Goal: Ensure that commercial and residential development occurs in such a way to add to the city, rather than to detract.  To this end, development needs to be well-planned.

Goal: Include North Ogden residents and business community members in all economic development decisions.

Your Feedback on this objective and sub-goals:

Other Ideas, Suggestions, Feedback, etc.

Has this survey brought another issue or idea up in your mind?  Please write below any other ideas you wish to share with our subcommittee as we draft an Economic Development Plan for the City.  Take as much space as you would like.

If you are interested in participating in future discussions on the Economic Development Plan, please indicate below and include your name and phone/email.

Please Email Back On or Before December 14th, 2010

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