Where Does Sales Tax Go?

Sales Tax Benefits For Our Community
Here’s how it works:

  • 1% of gross taxable sales (14% of all sales tax generated) within North Ogden goes into the City’s General fund.
  • Sales tax is the largest revenue contributor to the City’s general fund, which provides services for our beautiful parks, police and fire, senior center, libraries, and streets and facilities maintenance.
  • It enhances our quality of life by enriching the community with extras like well-landscaped parkways, clean streets and sidewalks, City assistance for great events including Cherry Days, Movies in the Park, C.E.R.T., North Ogden Arts Festival and many more.
  • When a cities revenue from sales tax is strong- property taxes are lower… in time when the economy is weak… property taxes typically go up to make up for the deficit from the loss of revenue from sales tax..
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