What Can I Do?


What can you do to help our community thrive?  How can you help to bring more businesses and fill our empty store fronts?


It sounds so simple…but everyday we drive past our local business district and head to “town”…  If we all would make a point of at least trying to Spend It In North Ogden, our local economy would thrive, new exciting stores would be beating down our doors to bring their store to our community.  Make a point of driving through the parking lots of each of our 10 shopping centers and see what North Ogden really has to offer… Did you know there are more than 450 businesses in North Ogden… Take a moment to look at the list of local businesses. In addition to the many store fronts, there are many home services.  So next time you need your furnace tuned up, lawn cut, christmas lights installed, roof repaired, air conditioning etc… check the list and call one of our neighbors.

Local business owners are more convenient, and their community reputation is more important than a big company from another city…

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